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April 12 through 14, 2012 - St. Louis

The Magic Number 3 – Blog Post from Cheeraz

Posted on by cheeraz

The number 3 is special. In numerology the number 3 stands for manifestation, amongst other things. The Chinese consider it a lucky number and if you just so happen to dream of the number, it represents the mind, body and spirit and is a request to commit yourself, along with all of the aforementioned to advance in the direction your dream has presented to you. Deep.

The number 3 is important today because we’re just 3 days out from Rustbelt to Artistbelt: At the Crossroads and the work is still being done to make this one of the best convergences around art and community, ever.

We met tonight at STL Style House to pull together some finishing touches for the Cherokee Street Saturday Night Party!  There was talk about performances going on up-and-down the street, exhibits you don’t want to miss, drinks, drink tickets and I got a sneak peek at a metal dragonfly being put together by some amazing Cherokee St. artists.

Oh yeah, if you haven’t registered yet, that means you still have 3 days to do so.

Here are a  few pictures from tonight.

Talking over the details

The cat just wanted to make sure we covered off on everything

If you want to know what's in the bag, you need to register.

3 Responses to The Magic Number 3 – Blog Post from Cheeraz

  1. hap phillips says:

    Nice to meet you last night. Just for the record, none of the artists working on the giant dragonfly are “Cherokee Street” artists. None of them have any affiliation with cherokee street at all, other that occasionally doing art in that area. If they have any affiliation that would be as Artica artists, artists that create public art for unusual public spaces and places. In the future they would prefer being called Artica when you refer to them. Look forward to seeing you soon, hope you’re in the parade and thanks for all you do

    • cheeraz says:

      It was great meeting you last night, too and thank you for the correction. I’m debating what I’m going to wear for the parade. If you have any fun ideas let me know.

      • hap phillips says:

        Wild Indian or dragonfly Shaman outfits will always be in fashion.
        I think there will be Roman Soldiers, space aliens and a marching band.
        It’s a pretty wide open fashion statement! See you Saturday!

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