Arts-Based Community Development Convening
Transforming Post-Industrial Cities through Art and Innovation
April 12 through 14, 2012 - St. Louis

MK Stallings

St. Louis, Missouri

M K  Stallings

MK Stallings is a writer and educator. He is the founder of Urban Artist Alliance for Child Development, whose mission is to enhance the sociocultural well- being of young people through arts and education. MK currently serves as assistant director of community education and events at the Missouri History Museum. He holds an MA in Sociology and is an adjunct instructor at St. Louis Community College.


Hip Hop Project with Youth in Detention

Day 2 / Apr, 13 @ 2:45 pm
Top Floor : Starlight Room

Hip Hop Poetry Project:  a community collaboration between Prison Performing Arts and the Family Court – Juvenile Division. Hip Hop Poetry Project consists of workshops on the 4 elements of Hip Hop; lyric writing, music, dance and design. The workshops respond to several of the challenges facing an at-risk population, particularly the critical need to communicate, have confidence and build literacy skills. Youth receive in-depth commentary from professional teaching artists on everything they participate in during the workshops. The work culminates in a final performance for an audience of family members, community guests and peers. A CD of the youth’s writing is recorded and all of the youth’s written work is published in a printed anthology. This interactive workshop will feature in-depth discussion, audio samples, photographs and video of the project and teaching artists leading participants through sample writing prompts.