Arts-Based Community Development Convening
Transforming Post-Industrial Cities through Art and Innovation
April 12 through 14, 2012 - St. Louis

Dayna Kriz

St. Louis, Missouri


Iowa native and visual artist, Dayna Kriz has created a space for herself that is both deeply engaged in participatory practices but also thoughtfully resigned to simply doing the work of transformation. Trained as a painter and photographer, Kriz has long known where to find beauty and creativity- where magic lives.  For the last two years, Dayna has taken up residence in the community of Hyde Park, St. Louis and it is from this place that her practice has both challenged her and flourished. “There has to be a way that I can be of service and not exploit the relationships that are dear to me for my own artistic ambition,” is what Kriz says when asked about her involvement with the North St. Louis community. “Programming, teaching young people, engaging seniors and local communities is simply what people do.” Dayna’s work as an embedded artist who believes in people having their own voice and sharing it is a practice by which she has devoted her energy to.  Dayna is committed to knowledge cultivated through empowering her daily choices and challenging her actions through discussion with her sisters, mothers, brothers and partner in life.  Dayna received her BFA from Iowa State University and is seeking admission into graduate school to study more about this type of open practice in the fall of 2013.

Dayna is currently working with Rebuild Foundation and is a recent graduate of the Regional Arts Commission’s Community Arts Training (CAT) Institute.


Rebuild Foundation and Arts-Based Community Development

Day 2 / Apr, 13 @ 2:45 pm
Lower Level : Room B

This is an examination of the work of Rebuild Foundation as a regional, midwest-based arts organization that is invested in transforming under-resourced communities through arts and culture. A brief overview of projects in Chicago and Omaha will be presented before looking more closely at their projects and programs in Hyde Park and Pagedale, Saint Louis.  Two community stakeholders and collaborators, Tabatha Pate from the Pagedale neighborhood and Donna Lindsay from the Hyde Park area will also be part of this discussion.