Arts-Based Community Development Convening
Transforming Post-Industrial Cities through Art and Innovation
April 12 through 14, 2012 - St. Louis

Cheeraz Gormon

St. Louis, Missouri


Cheeraz Gormon is a life-long activist, internationally touring spoken word artist and published poet, documentary photographer turned award-winning copywriter to organic creative brand strategist, curriculum developer, program facilitator and studying cultural anthropologist who took her parents and mentors words seriously when they said she could do anything (as long as she promised to do all things well). Referring to herself as creative problem solver out of rejection to the singular title of copywriter, planner or poet, Cheeraz has worked on brands that span from Fortune 500 companies to small community efforts. Her most recent success under the advertising umbrella was being one of ten winners of the TED Ads Worth Sharing Award for her work on the Nike Foundation’s long-form spot for The Girl Effect, “The Clock is Ticking.”

Cheeraz is currently the Curriculum Director and iCr8 Summer Bootcamp Program Facilitator at Marcus Graham Project and Freelance Copywriter/Creative Strategist at Alchemy 7 Creative.