Arts-Based Community Development Convening
Transforming Post-Industrial Cities through Art and Innovation
April 12 through 14, 2012 - St. Louis

Charlie Vinz

Chicago, Illinois


Charlie Vinz practices cultural production with the tools of an architect, designer, and educator. He is most excited by the potential for positive community impact by enabling the agency of community members through a collaborative understanding of the built environment. He has worked with the Chicago Architecture Foundation to develop high school design curriculum, organized loose networks of emerging K-12 design educators, and lead community design/build projects with over 100 Chicago Public School teens. Since January 2011, Charlie has been working with Rebuild Foundation to help transition a series of ambitious art projects to an even more ambitious arts organization in which abandoned or underutilized spaces are used as vehicles for neighborhood transformation.

He attended colleges in Chicago, Illinois and Weimar, Germany.


Rebuild Foundation and Arts-Based Community Development

Day 2 / Apr, 13 @ 2:45 pm
Lower Level : Room B

This is an examination of the work of Rebuild Foundation as a regional, midwest-based arts organization that is invested in transforming under-resourced communities through arts and culture. A brief overview of projects in Chicago and Omaha will be presented before looking more closely at their projects and programs in Hyde Park and Pagedale, Saint Louis.  Two community stakeholders and collaborators, Tabatha Pate from the Pagedale neighborhood and Donna Lindsay from the Hyde Park area will also be part of this discussion.