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April 12 through 14, 2012 - St. Louis

Come get a taste of everything – Blog Post by Cheeraz

Posted on by cheeraz

Art is like dating, there’s something out there for everyone and Rustbelt to Artist Belt promises to bring you a smorgasbord of energy, thought and experience, and who knows, you just may find someone cute enough to have a drink with.

While I’m not sure if either of these good looking people are single, I would like to introduce you to, delectable David Jackson and the ever so delightful Emily Squires. Feast your eyes on their info and look forward to enjoying them at the conference.


Look for David Jackson’s Mobile Art Intervention Station


“Presenting art that relates, relaxes, and reflects the conference purpose and seeks to enhance the overall experience of the patrons and participants. A mobile performance and art presentation station that infuses Live performance and illustrative literary offerings in the form of poetry, spoken word, music song, presentation and involvement of passersby and those who need and desire a brief break from the intensity of environment, or desire to be awakened slowly into the day infused and nurtured by Performance of Art that sets a tone, challenges resolve and underscores pace of movement.” ~ David A. N. Jackson


Get OPEN with Emily Squires 

Artist Emily Squires invites you to join OPEN – an evolving workshop, an art piece, a performance, a call for participation, a platform for voice – at Rustbelt to Artist Belt : At the Crossroads.

In the Rustbelt/Crossroads registration bag, conference participants will receive a letter that addresses issues in the field of community arts. The same letter is printed at the scale of the body and will be located in the Starlight Room. The envelope outlines avenues for participation: directly writing upon this public and collective space of conversation, leaving anonymous feedback in the adjacent glitter mailbox, or talking with the artist at a nearby table.

Over the course of three days, the appearance of the paper will change; the questions raised and answered and challenged will shift. We collectively become speakers, writers and editors as the letter accumulates commentary. OPEN promises to provide and visually document a different forum for voice and participation.


*Please note that biting of any of the participants is against the law unless said participant agrees to being bitten on.  




One Response to Come get a taste of everything – Blog Post by Cheeraz

  1. Ronald Young says:

    Hi Cheeraz, this is Mr. Young your former art teacher from Nipher. I knew we would eventually cross paths again. Although I didn’t make the first two days of the conference (I still do have to work you know ) I will be there today. Looking forward to seeing you there. Best regards
    Ron Young

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